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What man is there whom contact with a great soul will not exalt? A drop of water upon the petal of a lotus glistens with the splendours of the pearl.-Panchatantra
Holistic Wellness Village


In todays fast moving world with all its pressures, people have forgotten the ancient wisdom needed to attain a balance with nature and within ourselves. We are so engrossed in materialistic pleasures that we fail to remember the values of the simpler things in life. We lead a life of selfishness, not selflessness. We pollute not just our own body and mind but nature as well. We need an equilibrium, and to gain this equilibrium, we need the knowledge and skill, to train our body and mind to live in harmony with nature and truly appreciate the mysteries surrounding us.

Through the Holistic Wellness Villages, Swamiji wishes to impart with some of the knowledge he has gained over the years, to make our lives wholesome, to make us aware and realise the great powers which yet lie dormant within us, and give us the means to awaken them through his teaching and discipline. Through our Guru, our soul can strive to achieve "Satchitanand" (Sat-Divine Existence, Chit-Divine Consciousness, Anand-Divine Bliss)

There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens. This is the light that shines in your heart-The Upanishads


There is sanctity in the tranquil surroundings of nature. Encompassed by its freshness, its purity and unadulterated beauty, it soothes our soul, revitalizing our body and mind. We need an escape, a break from the pollution and stress of our daily lives, to allow nature to heal us with its rejuvenating forces.

Common Areas

This area would be open to visitors locally and from the vicinity of the village. All activities within this area such as discourses for the public, participation in religious havans, teachings in Yoga and Meditation would all be offered free of charge. For those travelling to the village free, basic accommodation would also be available for short stays inclusive of meals. The facilities included in this area are as follows:

  • Main Temple/Mandir
  • Meditation Halls
  • Yoga Halls
  • Halls for discourses and teachings
  • Free residential accommodations
  • Free Canteen (South/North Indian Sathvik)

Residential Area

The residential area is divided into two categories:

  • 3 Star Accommodations
  • 5 Star Luxury Accommodations

Both these categories would include the basic facilities provided by wellness resorts including with a few exceptions, additions in the 5 Star residences:

3 Star Accommodations 5 Star Luxury Accommodations
Spa and Recreation Areas Spa & Recreation Areas for each
Gym Gym
Pools Pool
Common Meditation Halls with Temple Areas Private Meditation Hall only for 5 Star Residents
Common Yoga Halls with Temple Areas Private Yoga Space only for 5 Star Residents
Common Temple/Mandir with Temple Areas Private Temple/Mandir only for 5 Star Residents
Cafe (Breakfast Area and Cafe) Cafe (Breakfast Area and Cafe)

Main temple & Wokrshop Areas

Many of the art forms were originally dedicated or inspired by spirituality and religion, they are a dedication to please the gods and a form of devotion therefore an area has been designated to these many forms of worship.
This area would also be used for the purpose of events hosted at the villages.
Temple with surrounding space to host gatherings and religious events

  • Yoga Halls
  • Dance Studios to Practice religious dance performances and workshops
  • Music Studios for Music recitals and workshops
  • Class Rooms for classes on Swamijisteachings
  • Exhibition Space for religious art
  • Restaurant (South/North Indian Sathvik)


The main temple & workshop area will follow a basic time table and will include a number of activities and workshops depending on the interests and requirements of guests.
Some of the daily activities will include:

  • Havan will be conducted daily in the mornings and evenings
  • Morning Pranayam and Yoga will be conducted daily
  • Evening discourses, motivational talks on philosophy, spirituality, life, the importance of success

There will be other activities which have been designed to incorporate Swamijisteachings and cultural heritage and yet allow for interactive learning experiences.

Customized events and activities upon request will also be organized.

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