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Sanjevi Raja Swamigal-Youtube
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Life of Swamiji
THATU THUNAI-- Sanjevi Raja Swamigal

On the 2nd of January, 1967 in Thandalam, a small settlement near Kancheepuram, Sri Sanjevi Raja Mudaliyar and Srimathi Jayadevi were blessed with a son named as Chiranjivi Uthirakumar.

Swamiji  grew up in Thandalam until the family shifted to the silk town of Kancheepuram. The boy was endowed with compassion and piousness at a very young age.

Swamiji continued his early schooling in Kancheepuram where he encountered an elderly astrologer with a parrot on the way to his school one day. His fascination grew as he started interacting with him. Despite his senior age, the astrologer called him "Swamy", great saint, with folded hands.  He must have seen the boy’s fate in the stars and had given him a great quest for spiritual endeavors.

During the early stages of his life, Swamiji expressed mystic abilities. It is said that one who ate food in the plantain leaf used by Swamiji would be cured from desease and illness. The left over fruit offered by him helped many childless couples conceive and have children of their own. His parents however were worried and urged him to concentrate on his education.

One day, the astrologer whom Swamiji frequently visited was not to be found at his usual place. Feeling the absence of his old friend, Swamiji searched for him however in vain. The loss had an impact of longing in his heart and he started meeting many sadhus, sanyasis and mystics to fill the void. He served them with utmost devotion and care. When his parents came to know about their son’s off campus activities, they prevented him from going to school.

During this time Swamiji was introduced to a sadhu from the north by a friend Nagarathneshver. Swamiji was associated with this sadhu for many years where he served him with dedication and selfless devotion. As time passed, the sadhu realized and imparted with details pertaining to Swamijisprevious birth which would impact him greatly in the years to come. He acknowledged that Swamiji had been an eminent saint in his previous life with immense power and that he had performed many miracles. His knowledge and abilities had been of great benefit to the people around him. The sadhu, pleased by Swamijisdevotion and “Gurubhakti” initiated him as his disciple and started revealing the secrets “Gnana Yoga” and taught him the depths of yogic practice. With his future clearly defined, Swamiji sought permission from his parents to permit him to lead an ascetic life as instructed by his guru. Hence forth Swamiji travelled in search for remote places, away from the chaos of the cities to lead an undisturbed, austere life. Like many before him he ventured out to meditate in caves or under the shelter of the "tree of immortality", the great banyan, under whose shade Vedic rituals were once conducted. In due course Swamiji started learning Vedic citation. He learnt the Upanishads from Vedic scholars, mystic science from Siddhars (Tamil Saints) from whom he also learnt Tamil. In addition he gained a profound knowledge of astrology and spiritual awareness in his yogic life.

Due to the deteriorating health of Swamijisfather he was called back home to Kancheepuram. Since Swamijisfather wished for a grandson he wanted his Swamiji to marry and insisted upon it. As Swamijisbrother was already married and was blessed with two daughters, Swamiji felt obligated to fulfil his father wishes. He was however conflicted and sought direction from his sadhu. The sadhu instructed Swamiji not to disrespect his parents’ wishes and fulfil their requests thus permitting him to lead a marital life under a new name "Raja Swamingal".

Swamiji got married to a fortunate young girl named Suguna and started leading a "Grahasta life" (family/marital Life) as per the wishes of his father. Swamiji also became the proud father of two sons; unfortunately his father was not destined to partake in his son’s happiness and passed away without seeing his grandsons. But his wish remained fulfilled.

Family life as Swamiji realized was a struggle; he had the responsibility of his family and everyday life to carry. Work was tedious as he made his way from one job to another even attempting business however his financial needs and that of his family remained unfulfilled and he found himself dejected and in poverty. His blessing at that time was his wife who supported him wholeheartedly in his spiritual endeavours.

With the encouragement of his wife, Swamiji started using all he had learnt during his search for knowledge, from astrology to Vedic practices and medicines to serve and heal the people around him. His service was undeniably much required and appreciated by the people who benefitted through them and in turn the awareness of his miracles and teachings grew.

During this period, Swamiji was haunted by negative and evil forces when he was rescued by a highly evolved and enlightened man. Even the mere image of this man carried such power that it was imprinted on Swamijiswhole being and Swamiji decided to look for him, however his efforts were in vain as he could not find him.

Then one day, with the help of a family friend, his wife Srimathi Saguna came across a photograph of a "Mahan" (great one). He asked Saguna to worship him so that their problems may be solved. When she shared the picture with Swamiji, to his bewilderment it was the same person who rescued Swamiji from his troubles earlier. Later he came to know him as "Sri Pamban Swamingal" who was to become Swamijis Guru.

Leading a material life he started practicing tapas (deep meditation) arduously. One day during his meditation he heard a voice saying "you have to serve people by relieving them from the pressures of suffering". Swamiji believed that is was the voice of Sri Pamban Swamingal. With great enthusiasm and confidence he started preparing, to leave his family once again and venture out for a life of "Tapasya". He obtained permission from his family and left to meditate upon of Sri Pamban Swamingal and Lord Muruga. He devoted his life to practice the yogic sciences in remote locations in mountain caves.

Completing his spiritual pilgrimage, Swamiji returned to Kancheepuram and to his family. He, through his selfless dedication had turned into a medium to spread the glories of Sri Pamban Swamingal and Lord Muruga.

With divine blessings and support, Swamiji has helped the public who have come to him for protection and shelter. He has solved their problems which seemed impossible to resolve. Today he interacts with people in person and appears on well known TV channels to reach out to a wider population. He continues his service with great devotion and compassion to end the endless suffering of those who come to him for help.

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