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The combined philosophy of the past, present and future lies contained within the four books of the Vedas. The essence of this philosophy for practical terms lies within the Upavedas (the book of truths) and the Upanishads which incorporate the fundamental teachings passed on to us through our Guru. These texts give us simple guidelines to enrich our lives and improve our wellbeing.

The concepts of spirituality have long been discussed and debated on. However these concepts have also been somewhat overcomplicated, so much so that the common man lacked the intellect to practice them and has to rely on the sants and sadhus for guidance.

In order to improve our lives and our circumstances we need not necessarily be overwhelmed with complex theory or ritual.

Predominantly, people have simple problems to which they require simple solutions. With the guidance of Swamiji, effortless small changes in daily life will lead to the evasion of difficulties and will assist in achieving aspirations.

On the whole being a good human being is at the heart of achieving our targets as we are all products of our karma. Nothing is coincidental and everything happens for a reason. However those reasons may be beyond our understanding, yet with the knowledge Swamiji has attained through his years of dedication, devotion and "Tapasya" he is aware of our circumstances and the cause.

Through his insight he has come to believe in and specialise in the art of "Homam" or Havan as a means to fulfil the desires or cure the ailments of those that come to him. He customises the Havan to the needs and requirements of the individual. A few examples are:

  • Veera Bhovma Homam – A havan performed to prevent against problems faced due to enmity or land related problems i.e. land related disputes
  • Valai Mohini Vastu Homam– A havan performed to aid in problems related to house, mills, factories, industries, and labour related problems
  • Raja Mathangi Homam – A highly customised havan for political growth
  • Sohamsa Homam – A general havan performed to obtain the anugraha (blessings) from god in all aspects of life

Though this knowledge may be limited to those few who have committed themselves to it, like Swamiji, there are a few things that may improve us as human beings. We must learn to be conscious of our actions and thoughts and value not just human life but life in general. Not everyone can be blessed, and it is our responsibility to show humanity when in the presence of those less privileged in wealth, beauty or intellect. Human kindness to those born with deformities or cursed by illness does not make us lesser people. On the contrary, a simple gesture of compassion can mean an enormous step towards spirituality.

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